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West of Neiafu

From the Seventh-Day Adventist church on Tui Road in Neiafu a highway leads west across the Vaipua Inlet causeway to western Vava'u. Beyond the causeway is a long steep incline at the top of which is a hill on the left called Sia Ko Kafoa. The track up the hill is on the left near the point where the road begins to descend again. Sia Ko Kafoa is an ancient burial mound built by the legendary chiefs Kafoa and Talau. It's an eerie, evocative spot with a good view of much of the island.

Keep straight (or left) at Tefisi and follow the rough track along the north side of Lake Ano, the still, fresh waters of which are easily accessible at one point. At Longomapu turn right and climb a long hill to Toafa at the west end of the island, where there's a splendid view of the cliffs of Hunga and many small islands trailing southward. If you have binoculars, you may see whales off Hunga July-October.