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The Tonga Visitors Bureau has information offices in Nuku'alofa, 'Eua, Lifuka, and Neiafu. Drop in for a supply of free brochures.

These offices are good places to ask about events, and much useful data is posted on their information boards.


The electric voltage is 240 volts, 50 cycles, with a three-pronged plug used, as in Australia and New Zealand.

Search for the Bounty Mutineers


The government-owned Tonga Telecommunications Corporation has a monopoly over telecommunications in Tonga.

Prepaid telephone cards are available on Tongatapu. The cards can be used for international calls, interisland calls, and local calls within Tongatapu. As with all direct-dial telephones in Tonga, the international access code is 00.

Calls placed from hotel rooms are much more expensive than calls from telephone centers. Directory assistance is 910, the international operator 913, the interisland operator 915.

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