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Tonga stands out for its regal culture, which can be traced from the Ha'amonga trilithon on northeastern Tongatapu through the ancient langi or royal tombs of Mu'a to the gingerbread Royal Palace in downtown Nuku'alofa.

Traditional arts and crafts are nurtured and preserved at the Tonga National Center just south of town. The country's most charming town, however, is Neiafu, which faces Vava'u's magnificent Port of Refuge Harbor. In fact, along with Levuka in Fiji and Gizo in the Solomons, Neiafu is one of the three most picturesque towns in the South Pacific.

Tonga's foremost natural feature is probably its coastal cliffs, especially the striking limestone formations on the south coast of Tongatapu, the east coast of 'Eua Island, and the north coast of Vava'u.

Lovers of wildlife will not wish to miss the flying foxes of Kolovai on Tongatapu. Humpback whales come to Ha'apai and Vava'u to mate and calve from July-October, and there are whale-watching cruises from Neiafu at this time.