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Frigate Bird
Since the frigate bird doesn't have the oily waterproofing of other sea birds, it spooks other species into disgorging their catch in mid-air.

Getting Around

Getting Around By Air

Real Tonga has flights from Tongatapu to 'Eua once or twice a day, to Ha'apai daily, to Vava'u daily, to Niuatoputapu weekly, and to Niuafo'ou fortnightly, but never on Sunday.

Their Kingdom Pass provides discounts on roundtrip tickets from Tongatapu to 'Eua, Ha'apai, and Vava'u with additional savings during the December to May low season. Book a northbound Friday or Saturday flight from Nuku'alofa to escape a depressing Sunday in the capital.

The baggage allowance is 20 kilos. Surfboards and bicycles are charged extra. If the plane is judged overweight, some baggage may have to come on a later flight. In that case, you should keep calling the airline office until it is delivered to your hotel. If you don't follow up, your luggage may remain at the airport.

Check in early (never less than 30 minutes prior to the flight). Be sure to reconfirm your onward flight the day before, as flight delays and cancellations do occur. Bookings are tight and you may get bumped if you neglect to reconfirm.

It's best not to schedule any tight connections with international flights, but if you do, let the airline know about it when you reconfirm and hopefully they'll bump someone else.

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