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The East Coast

It's a three-km walk southeast from the bus stop at Mu'a Police Station to Haveluliku village (no bus service). Ask someone here to point out the makatolo huge stones that the demigod Maui reputedly threw across from 'Eua Island at an errant chicken.

'Anahulu Cave is on the coast near the village. You'll need a flashlight to explore the stalactite cave. The large freshwater pool inside is swimmable and the intrepid could swim back into another hidden cavern, but don't leave your possessions in too obvious a spot, as there have been thefts here. You may be charged an admission fee.

At low tide only, you can walk south from the cave to Laulea Beach. The beach continues unbroken for several km to 'Oholei Beach. There's a fine view across to 'Eua Island. Sporadic bus service runs from Lavengatonga village near 'Oholei back to town.

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