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For information on air and sea services from Tongatapu to the other Tongan islands, see Getting Around.

Ferries to 'Eua leave from Faua Jetty, but all ships to Ha'apai and Vava'u depart the adjoining Queen Salote Wharf. The offices of Uata Shipping and the Friendly Island Shipping Agency office are at the entrance to Queen Salote Wharf.


Throughout Tonga, registered taxis have a "T" on their license plate. Meter less taxis at Talamahu Market have set charges for a trip in town, a longer trip in the vicinity, or to the airport. Always ask the price beforehand and have small change.

Taxis must purchase a special police permit to work on Sunday, so you won't see many on the road that day, and if you want one then, arrange it with a driver on Saturday and expect to pay a higher fare. Also, only telephone for a taxi at the exact moment you need it. If you call and ask them to come in 30 minutes, they'll probably forget and not come at all.

Some taxi drivers double as tour guides, and an island tour with them will cost about the same as renting a car (check the price beforehand). There have been reports of thefts from taxis, involving drivers who removed objects from handbags left in the car while visitors got out to take photos, etc., so be forewarned.

Tongan drivers often tailgate and speed. If it's a taxi or tour bus you're in and this starts happening, ask them to slow down right away, because accidents are commonplace and tourists have been seriously injured. (You can't really ask a local public bus to slow down, so sit a bit back if you're concerned.)

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