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Postage in Tonga is inexpensive compared to other countries, but if you plan on making any heavy purchases, it's a good idea to visit the post office beforehand to clarify the rules and rates. It should be possible to mail parcels up to 20 kilograms by air mail, although this does vary according to the destination country.

Poste restante mail is held one month. If you're expecting a parcel, ask them to check that too (and expect to pay customs duty if you get one).


To make a domestic long-distance telephone call to 'Eua, Ha'apai, Vava'u, or anywhere else in Tonga you must go to the Telecom Telephone Exchange on Unga Road (open 24 hours daily).

The Tonga Telecom office (Mon.-Sat. 0700-2300, Sun. 1200-2300) on Salote Road accepts international telephone calls, faxes, and telegrams.

You'll find card telephones outside the main post office, at the Telecom office on Salote Road, at the airport, and at a few other locations around Nuku'alofa. Friends Tourist Center sells telephone cards.

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