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Police Brass Band
A police brass band greets cruis ship arrivals at Queen Salote Wharf, Nukualofa.

Services & Information

The Tonga Visitors Bureau (Mon.-Fri. 0830-1630, Sat. 0900-1200) on Vuna Road is usually helpful and has lots of free brochures. Peruse their notice boards for all the latest tourist news. They'll also help you make your accommodation or tour bookings.

Yachting Facilities

Cruising yachts can tie up to the seawall in the small boat harbor beside Queen Salote Wharf three km east of Nuku'alofa, though the channel is only 2.5 meters deep in the center. Customs is on the wharf, but immigration is in town. Keep valuables carefully stowed, as there have been many thefts from boats here.


Medical and dental consultations are available at Vaiola Hospital, just outside town on the way to the airport.

Unless you have unlimited time and are on the barest of budgets, it's better to attend the German Clinic (Dr. Ana 'Akau'ola), on Vaka'akolo Road opposite Vilai Barracks. Clinic hours are weekdays 1700-1930 and Saturday 0900-1230, but make an appointment.

Dr. Lee Saafi's Surgery (weekdays 1700-1900, Saturday 1000-1200) is on Salote Road opposite the Reserve Bank of Tonga.

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