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Treasury Building
the Treasury Building in Nukualofa



The main branch of the Westpac Bank of Tonga (Mon.-Fri. 0900-1600, Sat. 0830-1200) is south of the center on Taufa'ahau Road. A smaller Westpac Bank of Tonga branch (weekdays 0900-1530) is opposite the entrance to Queen Salote Wharf.

The Westpac Bank of Tonga has an ATM and gives cash advances on MasterCard and Visa for commission. They charge a much smaller commission on traveler's checks.

The ANZ Bank (Mon.-Fri. 0900-1600) on Taufa'ahau Road has an ATM and changes traveler's checks for a stiff commission.

The Malaysian-owned MBf Bank, below Hotel Nuku'alofa, also charges commission and doesn't give cash advances on credit cards.

Global Exchange/Western Union (Mon.-Fri. 0830-1630, Sat. 0830-1230), in Fund Management House on Fatafehi Road, changes cash and travelers cheques at the same rate as the banks without commission. They're also faster and more efficient.

Outside banking hours the Dateline Hotel will change money for about four percent less than the banks. Everywhere, you must show your passport to change money.

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