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Friday is the big night at Nuku'alofa's discos because on Saturday they must be firmly shut by midnight. Amusingly, some of them reopen a few seconds after midnight on Sunday, and there's dancing until sunrise Monday morning. Such is the way of the Lord!

At most of the places mentioned below, men must wear long pants and a shirt with a collar if they want to be admitted. These rules are for the convenience of doormen trying to keep out troublemakers, but there may be no exceptions. A $100 silk Gucci T-shirt won't do if it doesn't have a collar.

The Day and Night Dance Club in downtown Nuku'alofa is open Saturdays from 1800-2300.

The quaint, old Nuku'alofa Club, on Salote Road near the Royal Palace, has been a hangout for local male expats and assorted nobles since 1914, and they're a bit selective about who they let in: Poorly dressed men and females of all descriptions are most unwelcome. Before you'll be served, the bartender will have to find someone to sign you in, and you'll probably be asked where you're staying. Watch the reaction if you mention a backpacker hostel.

The Billfish Bar opposite Queen Salote Wharf is considered by many to be Nuku'alofa's best bar.

You can taste kava at the Ulutea Club on Unga Road near Wellington Road. It's a local scene with photos and texts on Tongan history handing from the walls. You can stay and drink as many cups of kava as you like for a small fee. It's open 24 hours.

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