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Village Boats at Neiafu
village boats tied up at Neiafu


By Air

Real Tonga flies to Vava'u three or four times a week from Ha'apai, weekly from Niuatoputapu, and fortnightly from Niuafo'ou. Service from Nuku'alofa is daily except Sunday. The flights are often heavily booked, so reconfirm early and don't plan tight connections.

Lupepau'u Airport (VAV) is nine km north of Neiafu. A double row of huge ovava trees leads up to the terminal. A taxi may be cheaper than your resort's transfer service, especially if there are two or three of you. Local buses run to/from Leimatu'a village, two km south of the airport, sporadically on weekdays and Saturday mornings; otherwise, it's easy to hitch from the airport into town (offer the driver a couple of pa'anga). There's no bank at the airport.

By Ship

Ships tie up to the wharf. The Uata Shipping Lines and Friendly Island Shipping Agency car ferries generally leave Neiafu for Ha'apai and Nuku'alofa on Wednesday. The schedule does vary so check locally on Monday or Tuesday. Departures to the Niuas are about once a month.

By Yacht

To crew on a cruising yacht, put up notices around town and ask around the bars. The yachting season is March-October. Until September try for a watery ride to Fiji; later most boats will be thinking of a run south to New Zealand.

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