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Day Cruises

A more economical way to experience sailing is to go out on the 12-meter trimaran Orion It offers a cruise to Swallows Cave and other sites daily 1000-1630. Bring along your own picnic lunch. This cruise is very popular and many visitors take it twice during their stay.

Similar are the 16-meter cutter Jocara, the nine-meter sloop Comfortably Numb, and the eight-meter Damn owned by Melinda Sea Adventures which does in day sails and whale-watching.

Small groups can charter the Jocara for overnight trips with a skipper and cook. The minimum charter is two nights but five nights is more common.

If these boats have sailed away by the time you get there, ask around for something similar. Local operators like these know their waters and will take you on the South Seas adventure of your dreams.

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