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Getting Around

Getting around Vava'u by public transport isn't really practical, although passenger trucks and minibuses departing Neiafu do cover most of the roads on an unscheduled basis. Leimatu'a is fairly well serviced, as is Tu'anekivale. If you want to go to Holonga, you must take a bus as far as Mataika or Ha'alaufuli, then walk. Hitching is easy, but offer to pay if it looks like a passenger truck. Taxis have set fees per kilometer but verify the price beforehand and ask about waiting time.

Liviela Taxi in the center of town and JV Taxi, opposite the ANZ Bank, rent cars. Before taking a car, you'll have to obtain a Tongan driver's license at the police station around the corner (bring your home driver's license).

Insurance is not available and serious problems can arise in the event of an accident, so take care (ask how much extra they'll charge to supply a driver with the car). The speed limit is 40 kph in town or 60 kph on the open road.

Vava'u Lahi Land Tours run by Mounu Island Resort offers a variety of bus tours to the villages, caves, and Mount Talau. Some involve light hiking through overgrown fields and one should wear long pants for protection from weeds and insects.

Though Vava'u is a lot hillier than Tongatapu, a bicycle is still a good way to get around.

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