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Road on Eua
the road outside 'Ononua, 'Eua


What facilities 'Eua offers are near 'Ononua wharf, including the post office, Telecom center, Friendly Islands Bookshop, TCFS Supermarket, and a takeaway restaurant (closed Sunday). The Westpac Bank branch here (open weekdays) will change travelers cheques.

Kaufana Airport and several of the guesthouses are in the center of the island, three km south. The Tonga Visitors Bureau branch is in Mata'afu village at the turnoff to Hafu Pool. Also at Futu is Niu'eiki Hospital just north of Susan's Guest House.


A live band plays at Maxi Disco Hall, across the street from Susan's Guest House, Friday and Saturday from 2000. On dance nights the place is packed (foreign women have reported harassment here). No alcohol is available.

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