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Northern 'Eua

Ufilei Beach, just two km north of the wharf across Tonga's only river bridge, is fine for a sunset stroll.

A good plan is to take a taxi to the north end of the island and walk back along the ridge on the east side of 'Eua.

Tonga's most spectacular scenic viewpoint is just northeast of Houma village at Anokula, where in 1983 the previous king built himself a palace of which only the concrete foundations now remain. It's just beyond a pine forest. In front of the palace ruins is the signposted Matamahina Hopo Lookout where soaring cliffs drop 120 meters straight into the coastal strip, creating an unsurpassed panorama of power and beauty.

A bit back toward Houma is an access road that leads down to Kahana Spring, which supplies 'Eua with Tonga's purest water. Just beyond the spring is a second magnificent viewpoint over the east coast, directly above Fungatave Beach.

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