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'Eua National Park

The area from the Lokupo Lookout ridge down to Lokupo Beach is part of 'Eua National Park and perhaps the finest day hike in Tonga is here.

Go down the steep but easy trail to find Lokupo Track which begins about 700 meters north of the Lokupo Lookout. Head to the right (south) on the beach. After about a kilometer, you'll encounter some small freshwater pools. The landmark to watch for is a mushroom-shaped rock formation about three meters high. The Veifefe Track back up the ridge begins behind this rock, through a crevice on the coastal cliff and up to the left.

This track is generally easy and not steep with occasional orange ribbons to mark the way. However, you can still get lost if you aren't careful and there's only one way up the coastal cliff.

Before you reach the top, you'll have to climb an almost vertical cliff about seven meters high. A tree and some roots provide excellent grips and the rest is easy. Keep to the right through a grassy patch and follow the track to the forest roads where you began.

This hike will take a full day and Hideaway Resort can provide guides.

Eua National Park
a cliff in 'Eua National Park