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Giant Fern
a giant fern on eastern 'Eua

Lokupo and Lauua Lookouts

From just south of the Soldiers Grave, a trail leads down to Lokupo Beach on the isolated east coast. The amazing Lokupo Lookout on the ridge south of the trailhead provides sweeping views of the rainforest canopy below with flying foxes and green blue parrots gliding above the treetops, especially in the late afternoon. A second viewpoint, Lauua Lookout, is another 600 meters south of here.

Other than the access via Hafu Pool, it's possible to reach these lookouts by heading straight east on Telefoni Road from Taina's Place. A tall telephone tower is at the top of the road, a 15-minute walk from Taina's. Just beyond the tower, a trail to the left leads into the bush to a huge banyan tree (ovava) growing out of a deep cave at the entrance to an underground steam. To reach the lookouts, continue straight up Telefoni Road for three kilometers avoiding right turns. At a T-junction with Ellice Road, turn right, then keep straight or left again all the way to Lauua Lookout (don't take any more right turns). Be aware that the tracks through this forest can be muddy in rainy weather.

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